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Adobe Flash Tutorial -- Basic animation.

EDIT: I am ever so sorry if my voice is boring, but I am making basic photoshop tutorials, and decided that a clear calm voice would be better than shouting 'OH EM GEE, NOW DAE THIS INNIT BLUD', I am not creating these videos to be exciting, I am making them for users who wish to learn. Visit for any questions you may have to ask me. Do not PM me on Youtube, register an account, and post in the 'Photoshop / Media Work' Forum I'm looking for more ideas for tutorials.. Please leave recommendations in the comments! -- This tutorial quickly goes over onion skinning, layers, embedded animations, motion tweens and finally shape tweens. This isn't an in depth tutorial, but hopefully it might make things a bit easier for you. I apologise if it seems rushed. It was 1:00 AM, and I was in a rush to finish up. - Adobe Flash CS4 Tutorial, Adobe Flash CS5 Tutorial, Adobe Flash Video Tutorials, Adobe Flash Video Lessons, Adobe Flash Tutorial Torrents, Adobe Flash Tutorial Free Download, Adobe Flash Tutorial for Beginners, Adobe Flash Tutorial Animation