Basic Courses Video Lectures

Basic Courses Video Lectures
Web & Video Lectures of various courses related to Basic Courses.
Basic Courses Courses with Video Lectures
 Course Name  Institute
Applied Mechanics IIT Delhi 16
Basic Electronics and Lab IIT Madras 40
Classical Physics IIT Madras 38
Concept of Mgmt. and Evolution of Mgmt. Thought IISc Bangalore 40
Engineering Chemistry II IIT Madras 10
Engineering Mechanics IIT Kanpur 31
Engineering Physics I IIT Roorkee 40
Engineering Physics II IIT Kanpur 29
Human Resource Management-I IIT Kharagpur 22
Leadership IIT Kharagpur 13
Management Information System IIT Kharagpur 29
Management Science I IIT Delhi 39
Materials Science IIT Delhi 36
Mathematics I IIT Kanpur 32
Mathematics II IIT Roorkee 14
Mathematics III IIT Roorkee 39
Numerical Methods and Computation IIT Delhi 41
Numerical methods and programing IIT Madras 38
Physics I - Oscillations & Waves IIT Kharagpur 44
Quantum Physics IIT Madras 31
Strategic Management IIT Kharagpur 11
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