Chemistry and Biochemistry Video Lectures

Chemistry and Biochemistry Video Lectures
Web & Video Lectures of various courses related to Chemistry and Biochemistry.
Chemistry and Biochemistry Courses with Video Lectures
 Course Name  Institute
Advance Analytical Course IIT Kanpur 40
Bio-inorganic chemistry IIT Kharagpur 40
BioChemistry I IIT Kharagpur 28
Chemistry of Materials IIT Kanpur 40
Co-ordination Chemistry (chemistry of transition elements) IIT Kharagpur 40
Essentials in Immunolgy IISc Bangalore 40
Eukaryotic Gene Expression - Basics & Benefits IISc Bangalore 40
Heterocyclic Chemistry IIT Kharagpur 40
Intro to Organometallic Chemistry IISc Bangalore 40
Introductory Quantum Chemistry IISc Bangalore 49
Mathematics for Chemistry IIT Kanpur 40
Organic photochemistry and Pericyclic Reactions IIT Kharagpur 40
Polymer Chemistry IIT Kharagpur 41
Rate Processes IIT Kharagpur 40
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