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Learning Adobe After Effects - Link to Great Tutorials!

Okay, I must admit... I am addicted to Adobe After Effects and YouTube. The problem is I hardly know enough about either one. So as a newbie, I decided to explore all that other YouTubers were willing to share... And that is when I found Video CoPilot.net! The flash online video tutorials are beyond informative and the tools they offer are superb. Honestly speaking, I only have at best a good three days of experience learning After Effects and I still have so much to learn. So with that said, please check out my other videos to see the natural progression if any and look forward to posting better ones in the future. Thanks for watching and thanks to Andrew Kramer for the wealth of shared knowledge on the subject! For those who did not catch the website link posted numerous times throughout the video, here is the link below that will take you straight to the tutorials. Be sure to check out the awesome products he offers at a steal of a price. www.videocopilot.net - Adobe Flash CS4 Tutorial, Adobe Flash CS5 Tutorial, Adobe Flash Video Tutorials, Adobe Flash Video Lessons, Adobe Flash Tutorial Torrents, Adobe Flash Tutorial Free Download, Adobe Flash Tutorial for Beginners, Adobe Flash Tutorial Animation