Project and Production Management Video Lectures

Project and Production Management
'Project and Production Management' Video Lectures by Prof. Arun Kanda from IIT Delhi
"Project and Production Management" - Video Lectures
1. Project and Production Management - An Overview
2. Project Management: An Overview
3. Project Identification and Screening
4. Project Appraisal: Part 1
5. Project Appraisal:Part II
6. Project Selection
7. Project Representation
8. Consistency and Redundancy in Project Networks
9. Basic scheduling with A-O-A Networks
10. Basic Scheduling with A-O-N Networks
11. Project Scheduling with Probabilistic Activity
12. Linear Time-Cost Tradeoffs in Projects
13. Project Crashing with Multiple Objectives
14. Resource Profiles and Leveling
15. Limited Resource Allocation
16. Project Monitoring and Control with PERT/Cost
17. Team Building and Leadership in Projects
18. Organizational and Behavioral Issues
19. Computers in Project Management
20. Project Completion and Review
21. Life Cycle of a Production System
22. Role of Models in Production Management
23. Financial Evaluation of capital Decisions
24. Decision Trees and Risk Evaluation
25. Introducing New Products & Services
26. Economic Evaluation of New Products & Services
27. Product Mix Decisions
28. Product & Process Design
29. Issues in Location of Facilities
30. Mathematical Models for Facility Location
31. Layout planning
32. Computerised Layout Planning
33. Product Layouts and Assembly Line Balancing
34. Forecasting
35. The Analysis of Time Series
36. Aggregate Production Planning: Basic Concepts
37. Modelling Approaches
38. Basic Inventory Principles
39. Inventory Modelling
40. Material Requirements Planning
41. Scheduling of Job Shops
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