NOC:Manufacturing Process Technology -Part I Video Lectures

NOC:Manufacturing Process Technology -Part I
'NOC:Manufacturing Process Technology -Part I' Video Lectures by Dr. Shantanu Bhattacharya from IIT Kanpur
"NOC:Manufacturing Process Technology -Part I" - Video Lectures
1. Introduction to Manufacturing Process Tecnology
2. Structure of Matter (Bonding of Solids,Crystal Structures)
3. Brief introduction of non-conventional machining processes
4. Structure of matters (bonding of solids, crystal structures)
5. Elastic and Plastic Deformation
6. Crystal imperfaction and dislocation
7. Plastic Deformation
8. Material Properties , Stress Strain Diagram for differnt types of materials
9. Friction and Wear, Solid solutions
10. Equilibrium Phase Diagram
11. Iron-carbon equilibrium phase diagram
12. Control of material properties (Alloying and heat treatment), Mechanical properties and Recrystallization
13. Introduction To Casting Process
14. Pattern and Mold Design
15. Mold Making Procedures
16. Fundamentals of Melting and Furnaces & Pouring and Gating Design
17. Vertical and Bottom Gating Systems Edit Lesson
18. Numerical Estimation To Find Mold Filling Time and Mold Design
19. Effects of friction and velocity distribution in time of filling
20. Numerical design of gating systems using frictional and bending losses
21. Principle of cooling and solidification in single and multiphase systems
22. Estimation of rate of solidification
23. Principles of cooling and solidification of casting
24. Modeling of Solidification Rates of Thin Casting in a Metal Mold
25. Solidification with Predominant Interface Resistance
26. Solidification with Constant Casting Surface Temperature
27. Solidification of Casting with Predominant Resistance in Mold and Solidified Metal
28. Solidification Time for Permanent Mold Casting
29. Solidification with Constant Casting Surface
30. Riser Design and Placement
31. Riser Design and Placement Part 2
32. Riser Design and Placement Part 3
33. Introduction of Machining Processes
34. Review of Basic Machining Processes and the Mechanics of Chip Formation
35. Estimation of Cutting Ratio and Shear Angle
36. Merchant\'s Force Analysis
37. Merchant Theory (Cutting Forces Analysis)
38. Merchant Theory (Force analysis) Part-2
39. Lee Shaffer\'s Solution
40. Specific Energy Model for Cutting
41. Modeling of Heat Generation and Cutting Tool Temperature
42. Temperature in Cutting and Builtup Edge Formation
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