NOC:Basics of Noise and Its Measurements Video Lectures

NOC:Basics of Noise and Its Measurements
'NOC:Basics of Noise and Its Measurements' Video Lectures by Prof. Nachiketa Tiwari from IIT Kanpur
"NOC:Basics of Noise and Its Measurements" - Video Lectures
1. Introduction
2. Vibration versus Waves
3. Nature of Sound
4. The Decibel Scale
5. Some Key Terms
6. Adding Decibels
7. Modeling Sound Propagation
8. The Momentum Equation
9. The Continuity Equation & The Gas Law
10. 1-D Wave Equation
11. General Solution for 1-D Wave Equation
12. Complex Time Signal & Transfer Functions
13. Transmission line equations
14. Planar Waves in Closed Tubes
15. Planar Waves in 1-D Open Tubes
16. A Semi-Infinite Tube and Overall Summary
17. 1-D Tubes with Imperfect Terminations
18. Measuring Impedance Through Kundt’s Apparatus
19. Classification of Microphones
20. Classification of Microphones- Continuation
21. Classification of Microphones by Application
22. Microphone Sensitivity
23. Microphone Sensitivity- Continuation
24. Selecting the Right Microphone
25. Fourier Series Expansion
26. Fourier Series Expansion - Continuation
27. Fourier Integral
28. Fourier Integral - Continuation
29. Fourier Transform
30. Fourier Transform - Continuation
31. Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
32. Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)- Continuation
33. DFT: Calculating Frequencies and Padding
34. DFT: Influence of Duration and Sampling frequency on resolution
35. FFT and Inverse FFT
36. Considerations while deciding instrumentation
37. Considerations while selecting instruments for noise measurements
38. Measuring impedance through two microphone method
39. Designing an impedance measurement tube
40. Octave band analysis
41. Calculating results in octave bands
42. Weighting
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