Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Science Video Lectures

Mathematical Methods in Eng and Sc.
'Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Science' Video Lectures by Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta from IIT Kanpur
"Mathematical Methods in Eng and Sc." - Video Lectures
1. Introduction
2. Basic Ideas of Applied Linear Algebra
3. Systems of Linear Equations
4. Square Non-Singular Systems
5. Ill-Conditioned and Ill-Posed Systems
6. The Algebraic Eigenvalue Problem
7. Canonical Forms, Symmetric Matrices
8. Methods of Plane Rotations
9. Householder Method, Tridiagonal Matrices
10. QR Decomposition, General Matrices
11. Singular Value Decomposition
12. Vector Space: Concepts
13. Multivariate Calculus
14. Vector Calculus in Geometry
15. Vector Calculus in Physics
16. Solution of Equations
17. Introdcution to Optimization
18. Multivariate Optimization
19. Constrained Optimization: Optimality Criteria
20. Constrained Optimization: Further Issues
21. Interpolation
22. Numerical Integration
23. Numerical Solution of ODE's as IVP
24. Boundary Value Problems, Question of Stability in IVP Solution
25. Stiff Differential Equations, Existence and Uniqueness Theory
26. Theory of First Order ODE's
27. Linear Second Order ODE's
28. Methods of Linear ODE's
29. ODE Systems
30. Stability of Dynamic Systems
31. Series Solutions and Special Functions
32. Sturm-Liouville Theory
33. Approximation Theory and Fourier Series
34. Fourier Integral to Fourier Transform, Minimax Approximation
35. Separation of Variables in PDE's, Hyperbolic Equations
36. Parabolic and Elliptic Equations, Membrane Equation
37. Analytic Functions
38. Integration of Complex Functions
39. Singularities and Residues
40. Calculus of Variations
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