Experimental Stress Analysis Video Lectures

Experimental Stress Analysis
'Experimental Stress Analysis' Video Lectures by Prof. K. Ramesh from IIT Madras
"Experimental Stress Analysis" - Video Lectures
1. Overview of Experimental Stress Analysis
2. Optical Methods Work as Optical Computers
3. Stress, Strain and Displacement Fields
4. Physical Principle of Strain Gauges, Photoelasticity and Moiré
5. Introduction to Moiré, Brittle Coatings and Holography
6. Hologram Interferometry, Speckle Methods
7. Introduction to Shearography, TSA, DIC and Caustics
8. Fringe Patterns – Richness of Qualitative Information
9. Multi-Scale Analysis in Experimental Mechanics
10. Selection of an Experimental Technique
11. Introduction to Transmission Photoelasticity
12. Ordinary and Extraordinary Rays
13. Light Ellipse, Passage of Light Through a Crystal Plate
14. Retardation Plates, Stress-optic Law
15. Plane Polariscope
16. Jones Calculus
17. Circular Polariscope
18. Determination of Photoelastic Parameters at an Arbitrary Point
19. Tardy’s Method of Compensation
20. Calibration of Photo elastic Materials
21. Fringe Thinning Methodologies
22. Fringe Ordering in Photoelasticity
23. Miscellaneous Topics in Transmission Photoelasticity
24. Three Dimensional Photoelasticity
25. Overview of Digital Photoelasticity
26. Introduction to Photoelastic Coatings
27. Correction Factors for Photoelastic Coatings
28. Coating Materials, Selection of Coating Thickness, Industrial Application of Photoelastic Coatings
29. Calibration of Photoelastic Coatings, Introduction to Brittle Coatings
30. Analysis of Brittle Coatings
31. Introduction to Strain Gauges
32. Strain Sensitivity of a Strain Gauge, Bridge Sensitivity, Rosettes
33. Strain Gauge Alloys, Carriers and Adhesives
34. Performance of Strain Gauge System
35. Temperature Compensation, Two-wire and Three-wire Circuits
36. Strain Gauge Selection
37. Bonding of a Strain Gauge
38. Soldering, Accounting for Transverse Sensitivity Effects
39. Correction Factors for Special Applications
40. Special Gauges
41. Questions and Answers
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