Convective Heat Transfer Video Lectures

Convective Heat Transfer
'Convective Heat Transfer' Video Lectures by Dr. Arvind Pattamatta, Prof. Ajit K. Kolar from IIT Madras
"Convective Heat Transfer" - Video Lectures
1. Introduction to convective heat transfer - Part 1
2. Introduction to convective heat transfer - Part 2
3. Continuity Equation
4. Momentum and Energy Equations
5. Energy Equation
6. Reynolds Transport Theorem
7. Entrophy Generation and streamfunction-vorticity formulation
8. Couette flow - Part 1
9. Couette flow - Part 2
10. Couette flow - Part 3
11. Boundary layer approximation
12. Laminar External flow past flat plate (Blasius Similarity Solution)
13. Numerical solution to the Blasius equation and similarity solution to heat transfer
14. Pohlhausen similarity solution and flows including pressure gradient (Falkner-Skan)
15. Falkner skan solutions for heat transfer
16. Similarity solution for flow and heat transfer with transpiration at walls
17. Thermal boundary layer in high speed flows
18. Approximate(Integral) methods for laminar external flow and heat transfer
19. Integral method for laminar external thermal boundary layer over isothermal surface
20. Integral method for flows with pressure gradient (von Karman-Pohlhausen method)
21. Integral method with pressure gradient: heat transfer
22. Heat transfer across a circular cylinder: Walz approximation
23. Duhamel's method for varying surface temperature
24. Laminar External heat transfer with non uniform surface temperature
25. Laminar internal forced convection - fundamentals
26. Hydrodynamically and thermally fully developed internal laminar flows
27. Fully developed laminar internal flow and heat transfer
28. Shooting method for fully developed heat transfer and thermal entry length problem
29. Thermal entry length problem with plug velocity profile: Graetz problem
30. Extended Graetz problem for parabolic velocity profile
31. Extended Graetz problem
32. Extended Graetz problem with wall flux boundary condition
33. Approximate method for laminar internal flows
34. Integral method for thermal entry length problem
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