Conduction And Radiation Video Lectures

Conduction And Radiation
'Conduction And Radiation' Video Lectures by Prof. C. Balaji from IIT Madras
"Conduction And Radiation" - Video Lectures
1. Importance of Thermal Radiation
2. Blackbody definition
3. Solid angle, spectral radiation intensity
4. Radiation pressure and radiation energy density
5. Relationship between “I” and “T” and Candidate blackbody distribution functions
6. Candidate blackbody distribution functions contd...
7. Planck's blackbody radiation distribution function
8. Planck's distribution and Wien's displacement law
9. Universal blackbody function
10. Emissivity
11. Emissivity contd...
12. Emissivity contd....
13. Kirchoff law, Absorptivity
14. Kirchoff law, Absorptivity contd...
15. Problems on emissivity, absorptivity
16. Reflectivity
17. Transmissivity
18. Problems on reflectivity and transmissivity
19. Radiation heat transfer between surfaces
20. View factor
21. View factor contd...
22. View factor contd....
23. Enclosure analysis
24. Enclosure analysis contd...
25. Enclosure analysis- Gray surface
26. Enclosure analysis- Non gray surfaces
27. Radiation in participating media
28. Solution to the RTE
29. Concept of mean beam length
30. Enclosure analysis in the presence of absorbing/ emitting gas
31. Emissivities and absorptivities of Gas mixtures
32. Conduction- Introduction
33. Conduction- Energy equation
34. Conduction- 1D, steady state
35. Conduction- 1D, heat generation
36. Fin heat transfer- I
37. Fin heat transfer- II
38. Conduction- Cylindrical and Spherical geometries
39. Transient conduction
40. Transient conduction contd...
41. Two dimensional steady state conduction
42. Analytical solution for Laplace equation
43. Numerical methods in conduction
44. Numerical methods in conduction contd...
45. Conduction with change of phase
46. Conduction with change of phase contd...
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