Advanced Strength of Materials Video Lectures

Advanced Strength of Materials
'Advanced Strength of Materials' Video Lectures by Prof. S.K. Maiti from IIT Bombay
"Advanced Strength of Materials" - Video Lectures
1. Stress and Strain Tensor
2. Stress and Strain Tensor (Continued) and Cauchy Formula for Traction
3. Examples on Calculation of Strains and Tractions, Principal Stresses and Directions
4. Example on Calculation of Principal Stresses and Directions, Orthogonality of Principal Directions, Principal Stresses are all Real
5. Maximum Shear Stress and Octahedral Shear Stress, Deviatoric and Hydrostatic Stresses
6. Transformation of Stresses and Mohr Circle in 3-D
7. Mohr Circle (Continued)
8. Deformation, Rotation and Strain Tensors, Principal Strains,Deviatoric and Hydrostatic Strains
9. Strain Transformations, Strains in Polar Coordinates, Equilibrium Equations in 2-D
10. Equilibrium Equations in 2-D Polar Coordinates Plane Stress and Plane Strain Conditions
11. Stress-Strain Relations for Isotropic, Orthotropic and Anisotropic Materials Stress-Strain-Temperature Relations.
12. Relation between Elastic Constants and Strain Energy Densities Recap of Lectures 1 to 11.
13. Stress Distribution in Thick Cylinder
14. Stresses due to Shrink Fitting
15. Stresses in Rotating Disc
16. Examples on Shrink Fitting and Rotating Disc
17. Torsion of Non-Circular Shaft
18. Torsion of Non-Circular Shaft (Continued)
19. Membrane Analogy for Torsion
20. Torsion of Thin Box Sections
21. Torsion of Box and Open Sections
22. Bending of Curved Bars
23. Bending of Curved Bars (Continued)
24. Theories of Failure
25. Theories of Failure (Continued)
26. Theories of Failure (Continued) and Their Applications, Griffith Theory of Brittle Fracture
27. Application of Griffith Theory, Irwin-Orowan Modification of Griffith Theory, Assessment of Effect of Dynamic Loading
28. Theorems of Elasticity
29. Theorems of Elasticity (Continued)
30. Thermal Stress Distribution in Rectangular Sheet due to Symmetric and Asymmetric Temperature Fields
31. Thermal Stress Distribution in Cylinders
32. Unsymmetrical Bending.
33. Shear Centre
34. Plate Bending
35. Plate Bending (Continued)
36. Examples on Plate Bending
37. Approximate Solutions for Bending of Rectangular and Circular Plates
38. Thin Shells of Revolution
39. Beam on Elastic Foundation
40. Application of Beam on Elastic Foundation Analysis to Pressure Vessels for Calculation of Discontinuity Stresses
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