Acoustics Video Lectures

'Acoustics' Video Lectures by Prof. Nachiketa Tiwari from IIT Kanpur
"Acoustics" - Video Lectures
1. Intro, sound wave versus vibration, different types of waves, octave, music scales, sense of SPL
2. Review: Linearity, complex numbers, and spring mass system
3. Review: Poles and zeroes, phase and magnitude plots, transfer functions, Bode plots
4. Review: Transfer functions, and Bode plots
5. 1-D wave equation, and its solution
6. Solution for 1-D wave equation
7. Waveguides, transmission line equations, and standing waves
8. Waveguides,transmission line equations, and standing waves
9. Examples of 1-D waves in tubes, short tubes, Kundt's tube
10. Thermodynamic processes during sound transmission
11. Numerical examples
12. Sound transmission through walls
13. Sound transmission through walls
14. Leakage in walls, STC Ratings, Octave bands
15. Instantaneous power flow
16. Radial propagation of sound, monopoles, and dipoles
17. Radial propagation of sound, monopoles, and dipoles
18. Radial propagation of sound, monopoles, and dipoles
19. Numerical examples
20. Numerical examples
21. Directivity
22. Directivity
23. Directivity
24. Directivity
25. Generalized elements
26. Examples of electromechanical systems
27. Transformers, radiation impedance, and Helmholtz resonator
28. Radiation impedance
29. Radiation impedance
30. Models of electro-mechanical-acoustic systems
31. Solution for a loudspeaker model
32. Microphones
33. Vibro-meter, seismometer, accelerometer, shaker table
34. Sound propagation in rooms, 1-D rooms, 2D rooms
35. Sound in 3-D rooms
36. Absorption coefficient, and irregular rooms
37. Room constant, and Sabine's coefficient
38. Design of a muffler
39. Noise in machines, basics of noise management
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