Operations and Supply Chain Management Video Lectures

Operations and Supply Chain Management
'Operations and Supply Chain Management' Video Lectures by Prof. G. Srinivasan from IIT Madras
"Operations and Supply Chain Management" - Video Lectures
1. Introduction – (Challenges, Methodologies)
2. Forecasting – Time series models – Simple Exponential smoothing
3. Forecasting – Linear Models, Regression, Holt’s , seasonality
4. Forecasting – Winter’s model, causal models, Goodness of forecast, Aggregate Planning, Tabular method
5. Aggregate Planning, Tabular method, Linear Programming
6. Aggregate Planning, Transportation model
7. Aggregate Planning, Dynamic Programming, backordering
8. Aggregate Planning, Quadratic model, Demand and capacity planning
9. Inventory Models – Costs, EOQ model
10. Inventory – EOQ model graphs, with backordering
11. Inventory – Models for all quantity and marginal quantity Discount
12. Multiple Quantity Discount, Multiple item inventory- Constraint on numbers of orders
13. Multiple item inventory – Constraint on money value, space, equal number of orders
14. Multiple item inventory –combining orders, production consumption model
15. Inventory – Production consumption model with backordering, Economic lot scheduling problem
16. Economic lot scheduling problem, Supply Chain inventory
17. Lot sizing
18. Lot sizing – heuristics
19. Disaggregation
20. Disaggregation – time varying demand, Safety stock – ROL for discrete demand distribution
21. Safety stock – ROL for normal distribution of lead time demand
22. Integrated model, ROL for normal distribution of LTD and given mean
23. Safety stock reduction – delayed Product differentiation, substitution. MOM
24. Sequencing and scheduling – Assumptions, objectives and shop settings
25. Single machine sequencing. Two machine flow shop – Johnson’s algorithm
26. Flow shop scheduling – Three machines, Johnson’s algorithm and Branch and bound algorithm
27. Flow shop scheduling – heuristics – Palmer, Campbell Dudek Smith algorithm
28. Job shop scheduling – Gantt chart, Different dispatching rules
29. Job shop scheduling – Shifting bottleneck heuristic
30. Job shop scheduling – Shifting bottleneck heuristic. Line Balancing
31. Line Balancing
32. Location problems – p median problem, Fixed charge problem
33. Location allocation problems in supply chain. Layout
34. Quantitative models for layout, Summary
35. Introduction to Supply Chain Management
36. Location Problems
37. Transportation and Distribution Models
38. Transportation and Distribution Models(continued)
39. Bin Packing and Travelling Salesman Problems
40. Vehicle Routeing Problems
41. Value of Information
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