Understanding Creativity and Creative Writing Video Lectures

Understanding Creativity and Creative Writing
'Understanding Creativity and Creative Writing' Video Lectures by Prof. Neelima Talwar from IIT Bombay
"Understanding Creativity and Creative Writing" - Video Lectures
1. L1-Overview
2. L2-In Conversation with Richard Schechner
3. L3-Multilingual Plurality: Our Environment
4. L4-Multilingual Plurality: Our Environment -Part II
5. L5-Interplay of Languages and Forms of Writing
6. L6-Interplay of Languages and Forms of Writing -Part II
7. L7-Creativity and Cultures
8. L8-Notion of Play and The Three Domain Activities
9. L9-Theory of Enjoyment: Critical Assessment
10. L10-Divergences and Convergences
11. L11-Divergences and Convergences -Part II
12. L12-Creative and Cultural Spaces for Students
13. L13-Being and Doing: Writing as Performance
14. L14-Writers and Writing: The Dialogic Process
15. L15-Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing: Recent Viewpoints
16. L16-Issues Related to the Teaching of Creative Writing
17. L17-Writers on Writing: Albert Camus
18. L18-Critical Reading of Great Writers: Albert Camus
19. L19-Critical Reading of Important Writers: Margaret Atwood
20. L20-Reading and Writing
21. L21-Indian Writing: Writers/Narrators
22. L22-Contemporary Indian Writers: The Search for Creativity (I)
23. L23-Contemporary Indian Writers: The Search for Creativity (II)
24. L24-Mosaic Patterns: Module 2
25. L25-Introduction to Drama
26. L26-Performance and Script Writing: Mime
27. L27-Western Classical Theory
28. L28-Student Response (I)
29. L29-Indian Drama: Classical Theory and Practice
30. L30-Interacting Continuum: Classical, Folk and Modern Drama
31. L31-From The Perspective of Playwriting: Monologue
32. L32-From The Playwright's Perspective
33. L33-From The Playwright's Perspective -Part II
34. L34-From The Perspective of Playwriting: Anton Chekhov
35. L35-Drama in the Classroom: Experience and Writing
36. L36-Student Response (II)
37. L37-Performative Reading of the Cherry Orchard
38. L38-Short Story as a Genre
39. L39-Short Stories by Indian Women Writers
40. L40-Modern Western Short Story
41. L41-Varieties of Writing Processes
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