Introduction to Logic Video Lectures

Introduction to Logic
'Introduction to Logic' Video Lectures by Dr. A.V. Ravishankar Sarma from IIT Kanpur
"Introduction to Logic" - Video Lectures
1. Lecture-01-Identification of Arguments
2. Lecture-02-Non- arguments
3. Lecture-03-Types of Arguments: Deductive vs Inductive
4. Lecture-04-Nature and Scope of Deductive and Inductive Arguments
5. Lecture-05-Truth, Validity and Soundness
6. Lecture-06-Strength of Inductive arguments, Counter example method
7. Lecture-07-Toulmin’s Model of Argumentation
8. Lecture-08-Identification of Formal and Informal Fallacies
9. Lecture-09-Informal Fallacies: Fallacies of relevance
10. Lecture-10-Fallacies of Weak Induction and Fallacies arising out of ambiguity in Language
11. Lecture-11-Introduction and motivation for Syllogistic Logic
12. Lecture-12-Aristotle theory of Syllogisms-1
13. Lecture-13-Syllogistic Poem, Reduction of Syllogisms
14. Lecture-14-Syllogistic Poem, Reduction of Syllogisms
15. Lecture-15-Nature and Scope of Propositional Logic
16. Lecture-16-Syntax of Propositional Logic
17. Lecture-17-Logical Connectives: Truth Tables
18. Lecture-18-Truth Table Method: Validity, Consistency, Logical Equivalence
19. Lecture-19-Semantic Tableaux Method for Propositional Logic
20. Lecture-20-Knights and Knaves Puzzles
21. Lecture-21-Semantic Tableaux Method: Further Examples
22. Lecture-22-Natural Deduction Method
23. Lecture-23-Natural Deduction: Examples
24. Lecture-24-Conjunctive and Disjunctive Normal Forms
25. Lecture-25-CNF, DNF and satisfiability and Validity
26. Lecture-26-Resolution and refutation method
27. Lecture-27-Resolution and refutation method: Examples
28. Lecture-28-Axiomatic Propositional Logic
29. Lecture-29-Hlbert Ackermann Axiomatic system
30. Lecture-30-Proofs in the PM system
31. Lecture-31-Hilbert and Ackermann System
32. Lecture-32-Outlines of Predicate Logic
33. Lecture-33-Outlines of Predicate Logic
34. Lecture-34-Building blocks of Predicate Logic
35. Lecture 35: Quantifiers, freedom, bondage
36. Lecture-36-Translation in to predicate Logic
37. Lecture-37-Semantics of Predicate Logic
38. Lecture-38-Truth, satisfiability, validity in Predicate Logic
39. Lecture-39-Formation Trees for wff’s in predicate Logic
40. Lecture-40-Semantic Tableaux Method for Predicate Logic
41. Lecture-41-Semantic Tableaux method: Satisfiability, Validity
42. Lecture-42-Natural Deduction in Predicate Logic
43. Lecture-43-Important theorems in First order Logic
44. Lecture-44-Limitations of first order logic and Introduction to the course
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