History of Economic Theory Video Lectures

History of Economic Theory
'History of Economic Theory' Video Lectures by Prof. S.S.SivaKumar from IIT Madras
"History of Economic Theory" - Video Lectures
1. The Socio-Economic Role of Scarcity and Uncertainty
2. The Process of Construction of Knowledge
3. The Roles of Faith and Experience
4. From Orphism to the Milesians in ancient Greece
5. Pythagoras and Heraclitus
6. From Parmenides to the atomists
7. From the ancient Greece to the emergence of Feudalism
8. Feudalism and the growth of the Church
9. The age of Faith: Europe until the crusades
10. The beginnings of modernity
11. Scholasticism and St.Thomas
12. Transformation of Europe towards modernity
13. Birth of political economy: mercantilism
14. The debate over mercantilism: Hume and Cantillon
15. A postscript to mercantilism: Hume and James Stewart
16. ‘Natural Order’ and the market: Quesney and Galiani
17. Smith: the Invisible Hand
18. Smith: Growth theory, long run equilibrium and Institutions
19. Ricardo-Malthus debate
20. Ricardian economics and more
21. Equilibrium of the market: from Say to Walras
22. More on Equilibrium: Cournot, Dupuit, Gossen, von Thunen
23. Socialists and Marx
24. The economics of Marx
25. Marx as an ideologue of revolution
26. Arrival of modern universals in Economics: Neo classical school
27. Economic Theory at the time arrival of Keynes
28. The centrality of the idea of efficiency in the study of market
29. Keynesian Revolution: Macroeconomics
30. Keynesian economics
31. Economics of Institutions
32. Transaction cost and Economic Anthropology approaches
33. Evolutionary Economics: the idea of change as evolution
34. From Schumpeter to neo Schumpetarian evolutionism
35. The social construction of knowledge: Case of Economics
36. The social construction of knowledge: Adaptation and Revolution
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