Game Theory and Economics Video Lectures

Game Theory and Economics
'Game Theory and Economics' Video Lectures by Dr. Debarshi Das from IIT Guwahati
"Game Theory and Economics" - Video Lectures
1. Definition of Game Theory and Rational Choice
2. Interacting Decision Makers
3. Strategic Games : Examples
4. Matching Pennies, Stag Hunt and Nash Equilibrium
5. Examples of Nash Equilibrium
6. Altruism and Prisonerís Dilemma
7. Variants Stag Hunt Game, Hawk Dove and Coordination Game
8. Public Good Provision, Strict Nash Equilibrium
9. Best Response Functions
10. Strictly and Weakly Dominated Action
11. Application of Weak Domination: Voting
12. Symmetric Games and Symmetric Equilibrium
13. Cournot Model of Oligopoly
14. Different Aspects of Cournot Model
15. Further Aspects of Cournot Model
16. Cournot & Bertrand Models
17. Different Aspects of Bertrand Model
18. Electoral Competition 1
19. Different Aspects of Hotelling Model
20. Hotelling Model:Concluding Remarks
21. War of Attrition
22. Second Price Sealed Bid Auction
23. Further Aspects of Second Price Auction
24. First Price Auction
25. All Pay Auction, Multi Unit Auction
26. Accident Laws
27. Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium: Introduction
28. Mixed Strategy, Mixed Strategy Equilibrium
29. Mixed Strategy Equilibrium: Concept and Examples
30. Characterisation of Mixed Strategy Equilibrium
31. Dominated Actions and Iterated Elimination
32. Rationalisability and Beliefs
33. Extensive Games: Introduction
34. Strategy and Equilibrium
35. Nash Equilibrium and Its Problems
36. Subgame Perfect Nash Equilibrium
37. Backward Induction
38. Backward Induction: Exercises
39. Ultimatum Game
40. Stackelberg Duopoly Model
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