Introduction to Atmospheric Science Video Lectures

Introduction to Atmospheric Science
'Introduction to Atmospheric Science' Video Lectures by Prof. C. Balaji from IIT Madras
"Introduction to Atmospheric Science" - Video Lectures
1. Introduction
2. Atmosphere-A brief survey (Pressure, Temperature and Chemical composition)
3. Atmosphere-A brief survey contd (Vertical structure of the atmosphere)
4. Vertical structure of atmosphere and The Earth system - Oceans
5. The Earth system - Oceans Contd... and Marine biosphere
6. The Earth system - Hydrological cycle
7. The Earth system - Hydrological cycle contd ... and Carbon cycle
8. The Earth system - Carbon cycle contd..., and Carbon in the oceans Earth's crust
9. The Earth system -- Carbon in the oceans Earth's crust
10. Atmospheric Thermodynamics- Introduction
11. The hydrostatic equation
12. Hypsometric equation and pressure at sea level
13. Basic Thermodynamics
14. Concept of air parcel and dry adiabatic lapse rate
15. Potential temperature
16. Skew-T ln-P chart
17. Problems using Skew-T ln-P chart
18. Problems using Skew-T ln-P chart.
19. Problems using Skew-T ln-P chart..
20. Lifting Condensation Level (LCL)
21. Lifting condensation level Contd...
22. Saturated Adiabatic and Psuedo-adiabatic processes
23. Equivalent potential temperature and wet bulb potential temperature
24. Normand's rule - Chinook winds
25. Problems on Chinook wind and static stability
26. Static stability-Brunt-Visala frequency
27. Conditional and convective instability
28. Static stability - Problems using radiosonde data and skew T ln P chart
29. The second law of thermodynamics - Clausius Clapeyron relation
30. Clausius Clapeyron relation contd..
31. Atmospheric radiation - Radiation laws
32. Planck's distribution and Inverse square law
33. Physics of scattering, emmision and absorption
34. Physics of scattering, emmision and absorption contd...
35. Radiative Transfer Equation - Derivation
36. Radiative Transfer Equation contd..
37. Radiative heating profiles of the atmosphere
38. Climate Dynamics - Introduction
39. Climate sensitivity and feedback
40. Climate change
41. Atmospheric dynamics
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