Electrical Machines -I Video Lectures

Electrical Machines -I
'Electrical Machines -I' Video Lectures by Dr. D.Kastha from IIT Kharagpur
"Electrical Machines -I" - Video Lectures
1. Introduction
2. Operating Principles and Construction of Single Phase Transformers
3. Modeling of Single Phase Transformers
4. Equivalent Circuits of Single Phase Transformers
5. Testing of Single Phase Transformers
6. Efficiency of Single Phase Transformers
7. Voltage Regulation of Single Phase Transformers
8. Parallel Operation of Single Phase Transformers
9. Harmonics and Switching Transients in Single Phase Transformers
10. Introduction to Three Phase Transformer
11. Construction of Three Phase Transformers
12. Three Phase Transformer Connections
13. Three Phase Transformer Phase Groups Part - I
14. Three Phase Transformer Phase Groups Part - II
15. Analysis and Testing of Three Phase Transformers
16. Operation of Three Phase Transformers
17. Auto Transformers
18. Three Winding Transformers
19. Scott Connected Transformers
20. Potential and Current Transformers
21. Operating Principles of DC Machines
22. Constructional Features of DC Machines
23. Generated EMF and Torque in DC Machines
24. Armature Reaction
25. Commutation in DC Machines
26. Separately Excited DC Generators
27. DC Shunt Generators
28. Compound DC Generators
29. Interconnected DC Generators
30. Characteristics of DC Shunt Motors
31. Starting of DC Shunt Motors
32. Speed Control of DC Shunt Motors
33. Braking of DC Shunt Motors
34. Electronic Control of DC Shunt Motors
35. Testing of DC Shunt Motors
36. Characteristics of DC Series Motors
37. Starting and Braking of DC Series Motors
38. Speed Control and of DC Series Motors
39. Testing of DC Series Motors
40. Characteristics of Compound DC Series Motors
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