NOC:Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms Video Lectures

NOC:Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms
'NOC:Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms' Video Lectures by Prof. Hema A Murthy, Prof. Shankar Balachandran, Dr. N S. Narayanaswamy from IIT Madras
"NOC:Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms" - Video Lectures
1. Introduction to Computers and Programming
2. Writing your first program
3. Variables, Operators and Expressions
4. Variable declarations, more operators and precedence
5. Input and Output Statements
6. Conditionals
7. Loops
8. Video Solution to Digital Root Programming Assignment
9. Introduction to arrays
10. Working with 1D arrays
11. Find prime numbers
12. Debugging demo
13. Multi-dimensional arrays
14. Pointers
15. More on pointers
16. Arrays and pointer arithmetic
17. Introduction to Strings
18. More on Strings
19. Video Solution to Print Elements of a Matrix in Spiral Order Programming Assignment
20. Introduction to functions
21. More details on functions
22. Arguments, variables and parameters
23. Pass parameters by reference
24. Recursive functions
25. Running time of a program
26. Computing time complexity
27. Video Solution to Palindrome Checker Programming Assignment
28. Algorithms and Powering
29. Polynomial evaluation and multiplication
30. Linear and Binary Search Analysis
31. Analysis of minimum and maximum in an array
32. Sorting I: Insertion, Merge
33. Sorting II: Counting, Radix
34. Finding i-th smallest number
35. Video Solution to Sorting words Programming Assignment
36. Structures
37. More on structures
38. Using structures and pointers to structures
39. Dynamic memory allocation
40. Linked Lists
41. Brief introduction to C++: Classes and objects
42. Data Structures: Abstract Data Type
43. Lists
44. Supplementary Lesson
45. Video Solution to Implementing a Hash Table ADT Programming Assignment
46. Stacks: Last In First Out
47. Queues: First In First Out
48. Trees
49. Tree traversal
50. Binary Search Trees
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