NOC:Fundamentals of Database Systems Video Lectures

NOC:Fundamentals of Database Systems
'NOC:Fundamentals of Database Systems' Video Lectures by Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya from IIT Kanpur
"NOC:Fundamentals of Database Systems" - Video Lectures
1. Introduction to Databases
2. Relational Data Model
3. Relational Algebra Basic Operators
4. Relational Algebra Composition of Operators
5. Relational Algebra Additional Operators
6. Relational Algebra Extended Relational Algebra
7. Relational Algebra: Database Modifications
8. SQL: Introduction and Data Definition
9. SQL: Basic Queries
10. SQL: Advanced Queries
11. SQL: Updates, Joins, Views and Triggers
12. Normalization Theory: Motivation
13. Normalization Theory: 1 NF and 2NF
14. Normalization Theory: 3NF
15. Normalization Theory: BCNF
16. Normalization Theory: MVD
17. Physical Design
18. Database Indexing: Hashing
19. Database Indexing: Tree-based Indexing
20. Query Processing: Selection
21. Query Processing: Sorting
22. Query Processing: Nested-Loop joins and Merge join
23. Query Processing: Hash join and other Operations
24. Query Optimization: Equivalent Expressions and Simple Equivalance Rules
25. Query Optimization: Complex Equivalence Rules
26. Query Optimization: Join Order
27. Query Optimization: Heuristics and Sizes
28. Database Transactions: Properties and Failures
29. Database Transactions: States and Systems
30. Recovery Systems: Deferred Database Modification
31. Recovery Systems: Immediate Database Modification.
32. Recovery Systems: Checkpointing and Shadow Paging
33. Schedules: Introduction
34. Schedules: Conflict Serializability
35. Schedules: View Serializability
36. Schedules: Result Equivalence and Testing for Serializability
37. Schedules: Recoverability
38. Concurrency Control: Locks
39. Concurrency Control: Two-phase Locking Protocol
40. Concurrency Control: Timestamp Ordering Protocol
41. Concurrency Control: Validation-based Protocol
42. Concurrency Control: Multiple Granularity for Locks
43. Concurrency Control: Deadlock Prevention and Deadlock Detection
44. Concurrency Control: Deadlock Recovery and Update Operations
45. NoSQL: Introduction and Properties
46. NoSQL: Columnar Families
47. NoSQL: Different NoSQL Systems
48. Big Data
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