Computer Architecture Video Lectures

Computer Architecture
'Computer Architecture' Video Lectures by Dr. Mainak Chaudhuri from IIT Kanpur
"Computer Architecture" - Video Lectures
1. Lecture-01-Introduction, Amdahl's law, CPI equation
2. Lecture-02-CPI equation, research practices, instruction set architecture
3. Lecture-03-Instruction set architecture
4. Lecture-04-Instruction set architecture
5. Lecture-05-Instruction set architecture, case study with MIPS-I
6. Lecture-06-Case study with MIPS-I
7. Lecture-07-Case study with MIPS-I
8. Lecture-08-Binary instrumentation for architectural studies: PIN
9. Lecture-09-Binary instrumentation for architectural studies: PIN
10. Lecture-10-Basic pipelining, branch prediction
11. Lecture-11-Basic pipelining, branch prediction
12. Lecture-12-Basic pipelining, branch prediction
13. Lecture-13-Basic pipelining, branch prediction
14. Lecture-14-Basic pipelining, branch prediction
15. Lecture-15-Basic pipelining, branch prediction
16. Lecture-16-Basic pipelining, branch prediction
17. Lecture-17-Basic pipelining, branch prediction
18. Lecture-18-Basic pipelining, branch prediction
19. Lecture-19-Basic pipelining, branch prediction
20. Lecture-20-Dynamic scheduling, speculative execution
21. Lecture-21-Dynamic scheduling, speculative execution
22. Lecture-22-Dynamic scheduling, speculative execution
23. Lecture-23-Dynamic scheduling, speculative execution
24. Lecture-24-Dynamic scheduling, speculative execution
25. Lecture-25-Virtual memory and caches
26. Lecture-26-Virtual memory and caches
27. Lecture-27-Virtual memory and caches
28. Lecture-28-Topics in memory system, DRAM and SRAM technology
29. Lecture-29-Topics in memory system, DRAM and SRAM technology
30. Lecture-30-Topics in memory system, DRAM and SRAM technology
31. Lecture-31-Case study: MIPS R10000
32. Lecture-32-Case study: MIPS R10000
33. Lecture-33-Case study: Alpha 21264
34. Lecture-34-Case study: Intel Pentium 4
35. Lecture-35-Input/Output
36. Lecture-36-Simultaneous multithreading, multi-cores
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