Ground Improvement Techniques Video Lectures

Ground Improvement Techniques
'Ground Improvement Techniques' Video Lectures by Dr. G.L. Sivakumar Babu from IISc Bangalore
"Ground Improvement Techniques" - Video Lectures
1. Need for Ground Improvement
2. Classification of ground modification techniques
3. Emerging trends in ground improvement
4. Mechanical modification
5. Compaction Control
6. Deep compaction
7. Dynamic compaction
8. Vibro-compaction methods
9. Case studies in stone columns
10. Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVDS) I
11. Prefabricated drains (PVDS) II
12. Dewatering - I
13. Dewatering - II
14. Electro-kinetic stabilization
15. Heating and freezing methods, Blasting methods-I
16. Heating and freezing methods, Blasting methods-II
17. Ground Treatment with lime I
18. Ground Treatment with lime II
19. Ground treatment with cement
20. Grouting procedures
21. Grouting
22. Micropiles
23. Introduction to Geosynthetics -I
24. Introduction to Geosynthetics -II
25. Reinforced soil principles and mechanisms
26. Material properties
27. Factors affecting reinforced soil
28. Bearing capacity improvement I
29. Bearing capacity improvement II
30. Reinforced soil slopes
31. Reinforced Soil Walls
32. Reinforced Soil Walls I
33. Soil Nailing
34. Design of embankments on soft soil using geosynthetics
35. Design of embankments on soft soil using geocells, Use of geosyntheticsfor filtration and drainage
36. Applications in filtration and drainage & erosion control
37. Geosynthetics in pavements
38. Sustainable development and energy geotechnology
39. Microbial geotechnology and Ground Improvement
40. Nano-technologies in ground improvement and site remediation
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