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Dreamweaver Template Tutorial

www.photochopz.com how to set up a template for a site in dreamweaver. Made by Josh at www.photochopz.com for BC_2005 at http and anyone else that is interested in knowing how to do this. Its not really that difficult once you do it a few times and it can be a real time saver if you have a larger site like one over 10 pages or more. That way when you make a change to a menu or whatever, you dont have to manually go through to each of your pages and make the change, you can just do the change once in the template, his save and viola its done on every page of your site! Great for mini sites! I'm still learning how to use camtasia and dreamweaver so I probably learned as much or more from the experience of making this video than you will get from watching it. So its a win win for everyone. ....... and we like that. :) :) :) :) - Adobe Dreamweaver Video Tutorials, Youtube Videos, Torrents, Free Downloads, Web Designing, CS3 CS4 CS5 Torrents, Adobe Dreamweaver Free Downloads