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Photoshop Top Secret Training Course **NOW SHIPPING** Over one year in the making and one of kind. Mark Monciardini and Melanie Stimmell create 'Photoshop Top Secret', a Home Study Course on DVD's full of video tutorials on cutting edge graphics and digital painting techniques. The Photoshop Top Secret course is comprised of 4 DVD's and a full color reference book. Each disk will contain hours of instructional videos and additional project files for you to experiment with on your own. Customers ordering on April 22nd will recive a FREE Bonus DVD that contains more Photoshop training videos. The Bonus DVD will NOT be disclosed. Some of the training videos will be in CS2 and CS3 but 7.0 and CS menus are also covered in this course. Photoshop Top Secret Info page Blog http Promotion Website (Old version): Videos from Fans: Press Release: - Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4 Free Video Tutorials for Beginners and Advanced Users - Free Downloads, Torrents, Rapidshare Links, Youtube Videos, Books, PDF Tutorials