NOC:Strategy: An Introduction to game Theory Video Lectures

NOC:Strategy: An Intro to game Theory
'NOC:Strategy: An Introduction to game Theory' Video Lectures by Prof. Aditya K. Jagannatham, Dr. Vimal Kumar from IIT Kanpur
"NOC:Strategy: An Intro to game Theory" - Video Lectures
1. Introduction Examples: Markets/ Politics/ Auctions
2. PrisonersÂ’ Dilemma
3. Best Response and Nash Equilibrium
4. Another Example: Markets
5. Dominant Strategies
6. Stag Hunt – Coordination and Bank Runs
7. Battle of Sexes and Multiple Nash Equilibria
8. Tragedy of Commons
9. Tragedy of Commons.
10. Cournot Duopoly
11. Cournot Duopoly.
12. Mixed Strategies
13. Battle of Sexes
14. Battle of Sexes: Best Response Dynamic
15. Paying Taxes
16. Portfolio Management Game
17. Rationality, Choice and Common Knowledge
18. Lterated Elimination of Domination Strategies
19. Auction
20. Auction : As a Normal Form Game
21. Traffic at Equilibrium and Braesss Paradox
22. Linear Markets
23. Extensive Form Games
24. Game Tree and Information Sets
25. Strategies in Extensive from Games
26. Extensive from Games with Simultaneous Moves and Their Normal From Representation
27. Sub Game Perfect Equilibrium Part-I
28. Sub Game Perfect Equilibrium Part-II
29. The Art of War: Lesson 1
30. Ultimatum Game
31. Stackelberg Model
32. Bayesian Games
33. Bayesian Game: BoS
34. Bayesian Nash Equilibrium
35. Yield vs Fight
36. Yield vs. Fight: Bayesian NE
37. Bayesian Cournot Game
38. Bayesian Games with mixed strategies
39. Auctions
40. Sealed Bid First Price Auction
41. Expected Revenue
42. Bayesian Second Price Auction
43. Expected Revenue: Second Price Auction
44. All Pay Auction
45. A Hawk-Dove Game
46. Evolutionary Biology
47. Evolutionary stable Strategy (ESS)
48. ESS and NE
49. Repeated Games
50. Finitely Repeated Game having Multiple Equilibriums
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